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Scaffold mounting

Mounting and dismounting of the modular scaffolding

Professionals of our company are always prepared to take care of equipment of your working place with reliable modular scaffolding. Moreover, we carry out other types of work that are necessary for mounting and dismounting of these structures, including covering of the modular scaffolding with the net or film and removal and dismounting of structures after completion of work. We take care of necessary documents for scaffold mounting, including layouts, drawings and delivery and acceptance certificates.

We ensure to each client the most favourable and meeting his needs conditions for mounting and dismounting of scaffolding offering to them the most attractive price. For particular offers and prices, please contact individually. The prices depend on specificity and scope of necessary structures as well as height and complexity of being built or reconstructed object.


Modular scaffolding is purposed for industrial facilities. Modular scaffolding solutions
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Mounting and dismounting of the facade scaffolding

Facade scaffolding is fast mounted and dismounted. It allows increasing work efficiency and ensuring the highest-level safety in both carrying out of mounting work of the very structure and using it during construction work or applying / renewing finishing solutions.

Our experienced professionals will take care of quality mounting of the facade scaffolding in the site of your performed work: we will not only assemble more safely structures but also provide you with competent advices on the best and the safest solution in your specific case. After all, when working you wish to think as little as possible about scaffolding, and we are here in particular to allow you to completely forget it and to feel safely at each step.

Upon completion of construction or renovation work, we will also carry out dismounting of the facade scaffolding and their accessories (the net or film). We will ensure the best price-quality ratio as well as service meeting the client’s needs and capabilities. Please contact us regarding mounting and dismounting of the facade scaffolding and we will take into account complexity of work and the amount of necessary means as well as find the best solution.

Facade scaffolding purposed for construction objects. Facade scaffolding solutions
Assembling of the scaffold

Scaffolding is purposed for work to be carried out at a certain altitude. It allows creating fast and comfortable access to objects present at different altitude. Scaffolding is used in the construction work, when setting up or renovating buildings, as well as in various industrial facilities and must reliably withstand both the weight and motions of workers, and the equipment used by them. When working at a higher altitude, it is very important to ensure safety; therefore, quality of the scaffold assembly is crucial.

SCAFF professionals will provide all necessary consultations and reliably perform scaffold mounting. Take care of your safety and forget scaffold mounting worries – even if you need not high scaffolding and that at the flat wall, errors made during its assembling can cost a high price. Only the professional can calculate precisely the critical parameters of the system and evaluate firmness in accordance with work needs.

In the complex objects that distinguish by architectural solutions and complex structure, scaffolding assembly requires specific knowledge and experience. SCAFF professionals are always ready to assist in taking care of safety of the scaffolding system and ensuring comfortable access to the object at a necessary altitude. The scaffolding is safe to use; however, its safety is ensured by suitable scaffolding assembly.

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What is the scaffold mounting price?

The scaffold is versatile and can be used in various construction and other-type objects. The price of the modular and facade scaffolding depends on a few parameters, including working altitude and length of the scaffolding, complexity of the building structure and need for additional services.

The higher and longer scaffolding is needed, the more work has to be performed by our professionals. The price of scaffold mounting depends on complexity of the mounting, for example, to ensure stability of narrow and high scaffold structures, additional solutions are required.

The mounting price is also determined by features of the building structure. Our professionals can offer solutions that are safe to use in narrow and non-standard spaces. To ensure stability and safety of scaffolding, certain architectural solutions and building structure can require additional mounting work.

SCAFF also offers additional services that allow you to properly cater of environment during construction or repair work. If needed, we will cover the scaffold with the net or film protecting from spread of dust and constructional waste in the environment.

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